We’ve been teaching snail farming to up and coming snail farmers at our Snail School, as this quirky profession becomes more popular.

Learning about the farming cycle from how to breed to harvesting and hibernation to marketing and promoting your business to attract customers means that snail farmers start off on the right foot.  We also provide bespoke advice on the requirements for the farming infrastructure, from building breeding tables, to the best approach to making a secure enclosure.  Ongoing support throughout the year means help is available to troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Kimberley and Chris Le Sueur are based in Jersey and began their snail farming journey, with our support last year.

We were so chuffed to see them get great press coverage in the local Connect magazine, starring on the front cover!

Read more about their journey here, starting on page 30.

Curious about our snail farming journey?  More here and here.

We’re pleased that after a strange first year, when all the restaurants, who are our core customers were closed that things have picked up and we’re going from strength to strength.  The lockdown meant we had to get creative and discovered that reptile owners are also big fans of snails, as they are fed to their pets!

We’ve just harvested our second year of snails and we’re looking forward to our third year of farming next year.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Snail School, then do get in touch as we’re happy to answer your questions.