We supply fresh escargot farmed in rural Somerset.

We supply fresh escargot from our farm in Somerset.   Our snails live most of their lives outdoors, feasting on greens in our vegetable plot, getting lots of fresh air, rain and Somerset sunshine. This lovely lifestyle means our escargot is fresh and succulent.

We supply fresh escargot to pubs, restaurants, food producers and directly to individual customers.

We farm Helix Aspersa Muller, or Petit Gris, which is a traditionally eaten escargot, preferred because of their flavour and tender meat.

Our escargot is supplied cleansed and hibernated, so it will be the freshest possible when included in recipes, meaning they are tender and tastier. (Instructions on how to prepare are provided).

Fresh escargot are amazingly nutritious, high in protein, more iron than red meat, abundant in amino acids, selenium, Omega 3 and magnesium, low in fat and with plentiful vitamins and minerals, they really are a superfood!

And there are so many imaginative ways to cook them, as well as the traditional escargot with garlic butter, try preparing snail bombs (wrapped in garlic cream and breadcrumbs), traditional Mendip Wallfish, thai style with coconut milk and chili, or enjoy like the Spanish in a paella.  

We’re keen to encourage a pioneering spirit as people experiment with their sources of nutrition and food enjoyment. At Somerset Escargot our vision is to inspire the nation to munch molluscs by supplying fresh escargot!

Our Fresh Escargot Farm

We specialise in breeding Helix Aspersa Muller snails, also known as Petit Gris at our farm located in ‘sunny’ Somerset. The climate in the South West is ideal for snails – slightly warmer and a little damp!

We use a combined farming system, which means our snails are free range, living outdoors for the majority of the year. They hibernate over the winter and upon waking they are provided with luxury conditions in their ‘Lurve Room’, to encourage breeding!

Once eggs are hatched the babies are kept warm inside a polytunnel whilst they grow, until finally they are big enough and the soil is warm enough for them to enjoy living in the outdoor enclosure, producing healthy, happy snails.

About Us

Our snail herding journey began in 2019 when we were searching for ways to use a piece of land. As Townies we have a love for the countryside, but little experience of animal husbandry or agriculture. Through internet searching we discovered heliciculture – snail farming. After reading about the amazing nutritional properties and the environmental credentials of this low impact protein source, we invested in building the infrastructure for farming escargot right here in Somerset. It’s been a family adventure to build our farm, with lots of mud and machinery. You can see more of our journey on our Facebook and Instagram pages:


And now re-instating this ancient food source is our mission, it has been a staple of the French and Italian diet for many years and was brought to Britain by the Romans originally.
Once a delicacy in Somerset, known as Mendip Wallfish and brought to popularity again by the Miners Arms, Priddy in the 1960s, braised in cider and served with herb butter. In this South West foodie haven we have a vision to make Somerset snail central! Collaborating with other budding snail herders to share our learning and create a thriving co-operative.

We’re keen to encourage a pioneering spirit as people experiment with their sources of nutrition and food enjoyment. As our population grows and forests are being wiped out to make way for intensive meat farming methods , some of us are concerned about the impact upon our environment. Snails provide protein and nutrients in abundance, using 45 times less land per kilo of protein compared to lamb.

We have big ideas and our escargot production will focus upon quality and education – inspiring innovative chefs to use our premium, fresh escargot in creative and modern recipes – think street food and festivals. And encouraging the home cook to be experimental, finding a cost effective, low impact, nutritious option for feeding a family.

At Somerset Escargot our vision is to inspire the nation to munch molluscs!

  Our Fresh Escargot


Our Helix Aspersa Muller are meaty and tender. As a small, local producer, we pick and prepare your snails to order.  The fresh escargot we supply is an entirely different taste experience to tinned.  So where possible we ask that you give us 1-2 days notice for us to get your order ready.

The fresh escargot is then supplied cleansed and hibernated, which means they are the freshest possible when they are cooked.
Full instructions are provided to ensure your escargot are prepared in a way which ensures they are succulent when included in your dishes.

Large snails approx 3cm across shell

Medium snails 2cm to 2.5cm across shell 

Small snails 1cm to 2cm across shell

All are £25.00 per 500g bag + £4.90 delivery.  Smaller quantities are supplied on request, get in touch for quote.

We also supply snails for breeding and hatchlings/juveniles on request.   Please ask for our Fact Sheet and Price List if you require more information.

Fill in the contact form below with your order, or to make an enquiry.  Or phone 07950 914328.

As your fresh escargot is picked and prepared to order, we request that when possible you give us 1-2 days notice.  But if you need sooner, please do get in touch as we will do what we can to help.